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Alasia Travel Agency
map pointer Dapia, Spetses island, Greece
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Alasia Travel ensures prompt entry and a safe anchoring in the port of Spetses. The services include:
  • shipping1_icon_1.svg Arrival & departure’s announcement in all authorities.
  • shipping1_icon_2.svg Arrangement of all the vessel’s papers in Port, Customs and Municipal Port Authority.
  • shipping1_icon_3.svg Power supply.
  • shipping1_icon_4.svg Drinking water supply.
  • shipping1_icon_5.svg Refueling - Lubricants.
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    Tel. 1: +30 22980 74098
    Tel. 2: +30 22980 74130
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    Dapia port, 180 50,
    Spetses, Greece
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