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Finding the suitable property and location is not easy when visiting a destination for the first time, especially when value for money is an essential factor, therefore we cover a wide range of options to ensure a stress-free stay.
4 Lodgings
Nissia Traditional Residences
This traditional stylish residence complex, makes an impression with its breathtaking view of the sea and its idyllic landscape, which compose the ultimate scenery for your holiday or event.
Hotel Spetses
The 4star Spetses Hotel is located 10 minutes away from the port and the center of Spetses and is ideal for those who want to combine the sea with the traditional landscape of an island’s Hora (downtown). 
Stelios Hotel
The popular accommodation Stelios is located in Spetses, just 50 meters away from Agios Mamas beach. It features comfortable rooms with balconies overlooking the majestic Myrtoon Sea and the majestic surrounding mountains.
Vanas Apartments
Vanas Apartments are located in a scenic and peaceful location, offering view to the sea and the pine-covered slopes of the island.