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Nikos Ellinas, founder and owner of Alasia Travel, was born in Paphos in 1959. After graduating from High School, he served his duty in the military service of Cyprus for 26 months. In 1978 he was admitted to the Department of Political Science of Panteion University in Greece, from where he graduated in 1983. On March 13th 1980 he came to Spetses for the first time, on the occasion of his employment in a small hotel, where he worked for 4 years. After that he was hired by a travel agency where he discovered that his love and passion for this job was so great that he decided to settle permanently on the island and found his own agency, with his fellow student from Cyprus Giannis Spanias, with whom they work until today. As he often says the interest in tourism never stops. He states that he grew up and grew old with tourism. The same interest was cultivated in his children, Katerina, (Graduate of TEI of Business Administration) and Stavros (graduate of TEFAA Komotini), who diligently continue the successful course of Alasia Travel and work intensively on its development.
The participation of Nikos Ellinas in all events promoted by the municipality of Spetses confirms his great love for the island.